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  •   I started searching for a personal trainer when the gym I currently go to totally dropped the ball in getting me set up with one of their trainers. So, I figured hey, if they don't want my money I'll go find somewhere else to spend it! Anyhow...I started searching for places and stumbled across Caleb at Westside Family Fitness and I am sure glad I did.

    First of all what a great just have focus on personal training. You don't have to worry about regular gym go-ers getting in your way during your training! I love it. The gym Superior Physique is where we train and it is well equipped, clean and friendly. The gym and Caleb's website are linked to each other and they have helpful information and even better I can schedule and pay online, so I can see the schedule and pick a time that works for me, this is a nice option!

    I put my interest in through there website and was contacted the same day. I just want to say my experience was a great and look forward to many more!

    Heather D.
  •   Caleb is amazing! I've only been training with him for about a year, but knew him from 24 Hour Fitness, we were both working out there, he introduced himself and gave me his Westside Family Fitness business card. When training with him at his gym, there have been plenty of times that I thought, “what did I get myself into?" He’s always challenging me and pushes me to perform at my best. His sessions are always different so you'll never get bored. He's very knowledgable in what he does! Thanks Caleb!

    Sai K.
  •   I can now say it's definitely worth it to pay for a personal trainer. I am 46 years old and needed help bad. With Caleb’s help, I’ve been so much more motivated towards my workouts. If you think a trainer can help you with working out then Caleb will definitely be a positive addition to your routine. I train with him three times a week and that is perfect for me. If you buy a package of ten sessions that is the best deal. Caleb has much better value than many of the other trainers that I talked to. I feel that he puts more emphasis towards my personal well being instead of worrying how much money he is making. I highly recommend Westside Family Fitness! Thank you Caleb! - Linda Marcus

    Linda M.
  •   This has been my first personal trainer experience. Caleb has been amazing with helping me move toward my fitness goals these last few months. He has helped me work on some sport specific training for rock climbing as well general fitness. There are new exercises for me to try every session which keeps it fun and I actually saw improvement in my performance/endurance after the fist couple of sessions! Caleb's always sensitive to where my current abilities are which I appreciate and he has great insight when addressing issues like strains/tweaks.
    I look forward to our sessions every week, and am stoked to see what kind of progress we will make this year! Thanks Caleb!

    Lyle P.
  •   I really like working with Caleb! He always has a plan and he never has a problem explaining a move more than once. I've made a ton of progress and I would have never been able to do it without him! He's always calm and keeps you motivated. I was very uncomfortable with a gym setting prior to working with Caleb and he has always made me feel welcomed. He's taught me so much.

    Jenn N.
  •   Has been training with Caleb for a couple of months now, if you need personal trainer who would know how to create a personal plan, set the goals and motivate you to push forward, that would be the right choice. Great communication and punctuality, easy to create workout schedule which would fit with your schedule. Would definitely recommend!

    Andrii F
  •   Caleb made it fun! I can tell I got a lot stronger in my basketball shooting and kicking in soccer. My shots in basketball have also improved in aim. I used to be really bad at. Balancing and now I can do so many things no problem with balance. The gym also has lots of different machines like stair steppers and treadmills ect. Overall I have to say hes the best trainer ever!

    Eden S
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