Personal Training at Superior Physique Gym

Studio training is great! Personal training at the gym for anyone in your family. A perfect way to have access to a wide range of exercise equipment for your workout. Come to Superior Physique gym for your next workout! You can purchase and schedule your workout for the gym here.


Gym Training

2092 NW, NE Aloclek Dr #515
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Phone: 503-858-8465
Price indication: $$

About the Gym

Superior Physique gym is a private studio gym. Access to the gym requires a key fob. Key fobs give access to the gym members and trainers. If you are not a member then you will need the trainer to let you in the gym. It is best to make an appointment before coming to the gym. Parking in front of the gym is marked so that you know where to park. If all gym parking is full there more unmarked parking at the end of the building. Contact us and get personal training for anyone in your family at the gym.

How to Prepare for the Gym

Most clients come prepared with workout clothes on, water bottle, sweat towel and a workout monitoring watch. There is changing areas if needed. Also, there is a water fountain if you forget your water bottle. The workout will be more enjoyable for you if you don’t eat right before your workout. If you do need to eat, try to eat light. A belly full of food can sometimes slow you down and possibly give you a nauseous feeling.